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If you are looking for an operating manual for the human mind—this book is it.

Paula Tolliver, CIO Intel Corporation


The understanding outlined in this book sheds light on the human dimension, revealing how the mind actually works. Although simple in its foundation, this understanding can significantly change you – from the inside→out.

About Invisible Power

Have you ever wondered why your miraculous and brilliantly designed human mind fails to live up to its potential?

The authors take you behind the scenes to uncover three simple principles they call insight principles that explain how the mind works. These principles are not new principles to learn and live by. They are guides to the power of resources living inside you. You will not find techniques, advice, or anything to do in this book. How refreshing!

It wasn’t until the principles of aeronautics were understood that we could finally fly. Humanity did not invent aeronautical principles anymore than we invented gravity. These principles were at work invisibly predicting the outcome of our early failed attempts to fly. Invisible Power reveals the inner mechanisms responsible for your moment-to-moment feelings and experience of life – mechanisms responsible for the very reality you perceive. Once you understand how your mind works, you can better utilize its brilliance. You can, metaphorically, begin to fly.

After they lay out the core understanding, the authors Ken Manning, Robin Charbit, and Sandra Krot turn their attention to the understanding’s astounding implications and relevance in business. Bolstered by decades of experience as business leaders, entrepreneurs, and relationship experts, they paint a surprisingly practical and hopeful picture, illustrating it with dozens of relatable client stories. Not only will you see how to have a more enjoyable, innovative, and productive work life, you will unleash the potential you have always had as a human being. You will be ready to create your next level of success.


Books by Sydney Banks

Sydney Banks had a profound enlightenment experience which resulted in the realization of the principles that are at the heart of all our work. In his books he shares his insights in a deep yet simple manner. We have read his books many times and we highly recommend them. The books are available at Lone Pine Publishing and at Amazon.

The Missing Link

This is a beautiful, rich and deep explanation of the principles at the heart of the human experience and of our work.

Second Chance and In Quest of the Pearl (sequel to Second Chance)

Stories about one man’s journey from suffering to insight. These books embody the principles behind insight and point to the deep intelligence in life from which insight can arise for an individual seeking a new life.

The Enlightened Gardener and The Enlightened Gardener Revisited

Listen in as an “ordinary’ gardener explains to a group of professional psychologists the principles operating at the core of our mental life.

Dear Liza

A wonderful story of a seven year old and how the principles behind insight had a powerful impact on her life. A great book for kids of any age.


Books by Others:

These books are all based on an understanding of the principles and are written in a wide range of styles on many different topics. All are available through Amazon.com.

Instant Motivation: The surprising truth behind what really drives performance by Chantal Burns

A clear and insightful book about how your state of mind holds the key to your motivation, success, and happiness.

The Inside-Out Revolution by Michael Neill

Michael is a wonderful storyteller. With humor, relevance, and candor, he shares his journey learning about the principles.

The Little Book of Clarity by Jamie Smart

A distilled version of the best-selling book Clarity this book reveals that reducing stress and boosting productivity are made possible by uncovering your mind’s in-built “self-clearing” capacity.

Our True Identity – The Three Principles by Elsie Spittle

This is a book of stories about the wisdom that lies within us all. Elsie shares in her down-to-earth style how an understanding of the principles brings insight to leadership, relationships and to life.

Beyond Imagination – A New Reality Awaits by Elsie Spittle

This is a collection of true stories about people who have faced challenges and discovered an inner wisdom that transformed their lives.

Stillpower: The Inner Source of Athletic Excellence by Garret Kramer

Though Garret Kramer’s book is ostensibly about athletic performance, it is valuable for all of us who coach, lead, or simply want to bring the best out in others and in ourselves.

The Path of No Resistance: Why Overcoming Is Simpler Than You Think by Garret Kramer

This book offers a fresh take on the inborn characteristic of resilience. It also explains why insight, not intellect, is what fuels our ability to excel and give back to others.

The Relationship Handbook by George S. Pransky

A thought-provoking book about relationships that has saved many marriages. Although it targets personal relationships and marriage, the precepts are just as applicable to any relationship.

Parenting From the Heart by Jack Pransky

A valuable book on parenting from the perspective of the principles at the heart of our experiences in life.

The Spark Inside by Ami Mills Naim

A booklet written for young people with relevant examples and stories.

The Speed Trap by Joe Bailey

In today’s speeded up world it seems like everyone is in a hurry. This book will help you slow down from the inside.

The Serenity Principle: Finding Peace in Recovery by Joe Bailey

A hopeful and helpful book for anyone struggling with addiction or finding your way through recovery.


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