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About Us

Getting the right people on the bus matters...

Company Background

Our team is comprised of co-founding partners, Rolf Evenson and Mike Hart, supported by a group of highly skilled executive coaches and consultants who share a commitment to business and human transformation.

We come from diverse backgrounds. Mike held C-level leadership positions in high tech and biotechnology companies while Rolf led adventure expeditions, worked on multi-disciplinary architectural design teams and built an executive coaching and consulting firm.

What we have in common is a profound curiosity about what makes some projects and teams come together brilliantly while others fail. We were extremely fortunate to discover fundamental principles for how the mind works – a crucial, almost always overlooked, variable in human performance and organizational change.

Our Vision

To change the world, one business at a time.

Our Mission

To transform business best practices by increasing awareness of the human dimension.

Rolf Evenson

Rolf Evenson


Rolf’s curiosity about the human dimension of leadership developed early. For a dozen years, he led wilderness expeditions, Outward Bound courses, climbed the great walls of Yosemite, paddled the length of Lake Superior and led dog sled expeditions.

These adventures provided a virtual laboratory for studying the human capacity for both high and low performance under duress.

After receiving his Masters Degree in Architecture at the University of Colorado, he worked as an architect specializing in medical facilities. While working with interdisciplinary design teams on complex projects, he often wondered how such smart people could sometimes work together brilliantly, while at other times operate  so dysfunctionally.

Thirty years ago, he was fortunate to come across fundamental principles behind how the mind works that answered most of his questions. In 1999, he founded ClearMind Leadership to share these principles with individuals and business clients.

In 2017, he joined with partner Mike Hart to form ClearMind Advisors to share the principles they now call the Insight Paradigm. He volunteers as a mentor in the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Married for 30 years, Rolf and his wife, Laurie, can often be seen riding their bikes in the foothills and mountains near Boulder, Colorado.



Mike Hart

Mike Hart


Mike has extensive leadership experience in technology driven industries. He began his career in the Silicon Valley earning several increasing financial roles within high technology companies. He then transitioned into the world of biotechnology and oncology drug development. There, as CFO, and later CEO and Director, he built and led successful public companies for over 20 years.

Mike has always considered the employee the company’s most prized asset. As such, over the years he funded many professional development training programs aimed at individual and team growth. He became increasingly curious as to why many of these programs had no real staying power and were easily forgotten once everyone got back to the office.

Mike was introduced to the Insight Paradigm and as he puts it, “everything fell into place. I came to understand the missing link. Like most, I just hadn’t seen it.”

His new-found awareness of how the mind works combined with his executive experience gives him a unique perspective on solving the complex problems that many businesses face.

Mike is a graduate of UCSB and holds a MBA. He is currently a board member of Affygility Solutions and volunteers as a mentor in the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

“Working with my coach from ClearMind Advisors was life changing for me. I had no idea how much I was over-thinking things. Realizing this has reduced my mental workload dramatically.”

Claire Cartford, PhD Scientist & Researcher