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Core Programs

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Core Programs

We offer a range of standard and customized programs for individuals, teams and organizations. All programs are results oriented.


For Individuals

Our programs for individuals provide a foundation of understanding of the human capacity for clarity, insight and performance. This foundation leads to an enhanced capacity for high performance in all aspects of business leadership. It also provides the core capability for enhancing leadership skills, career advancement, and a more productive personal style.

The programs typically include an assessment, preparation and a foundation course in the form of an 1:1 executive retreat. If requested, it can include onsite observations and 360 degree interviews. Followup coaching is crucial for breakthroughs in personal and leadership development.

Individual programs are available for clients wanting to learn the Insight Paradigm and for those familiar with the paradigm who want to take their careers to a whole new level.

“Rolf rocks! I was feeling stuck and uninspired as a principal in my firm. I found it hard to even think about what needed changing. After six months of working with Rolf, my schedule is loaded with great projects. New ideas and fresh perspectives are flowing again.  Clearly, Rolf helped me rediscover my creative spark!”

Architecture Firm Principal

For Teams and Groups

For teams that have been struggling with seemingly intractable problems, or who have fallen into dysfunction, hope can seem illusive. For teams such as these, discovering their natural capacity for clarity, insight and synergy can be a revelation. It’s usually enough to solve even the most challenging problems.

The speed at which dysfunctional teams can become highly functional ones, regardless of personal or group history, is often remarkable.

Since all situations are unique, we customize all of our team and group programs.

“I was highly skeptical at first, thinking your program  for our senior leadership team might be a bunch of psychobabble.

But the more I listened to you, the more I realized that your program was unlike anything I had ever heard before. It helped me see my colleagues and myself from a completely different perspective.”

Title Company Senior Executive

For Organizations

As one of our clients said, “We could solve anything if we could just get our of our own way.” We have yet to meet people in any organization that didn’t want to perform at a high level, collaborate synergistically and communicate well.

We’ve found that people automatically get out of their own way when they are clear headed, aligned and free to think for themselves. High levels of motivation, collaboration, creative problem solving and breakthrough thinking happen naturally.

Understanding fundamental pychological principles empowers organizations to stop stressing over symptoms and start solving problems at their source.

Our company-wide initiatives create a rising tide of hope, creativity, morale and team spirit. 

Common themes for company-wide initiatives are leadership development, cultural change, morale issues during crisis, health and safety performance, as well as improving creativity and business performance.

“My leadership team found the work of ClearMind Advisors so helpful that we asked them to train our entire company.”

Chuck Hopper, President, Stewart Title Company