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How we work

It's different at the core

The Foundation: Clarity, Insight and Common Sense

Our work addresses the core misunderstanding that creates most of the inefficiency and ineffectiveness in business. Realizing that our perceptions, thoughts and feelings are internally generated significantly reduces our mental workload and unleashes our natural creativity, productivity, stability and resilience. (See case studies.)

This is the foundation for effective leadership, collaboration and creative problem solving.

Learning the Insight Paradigm and its implications provides this foundation. Our educational process is designed so that people don’t have to take our word for anything. We’ve discovered how to create learning environments where clients test the insight principles against their own experience and learn from their own insights.

We’ve found that when people learn from their own insights, that learning is more likely to stay with them.

This education allows people to move through life with less on their minds, while enhancing their capacity for creative engagement and efficient problem solving.

With this as your foundation, you and your team address challenges with greater clarity, insight and common sense.

Resulting levels of break-though thinking, synergy and innovative solutions can be both fast and surprising.

“What we learned from you really stuck to our ribs. A woman on my team said the other day that she still uses the principles she learned in your program on a daily basis. And this is 2-3 years AFTER the program!”

Financial Company Senior Manager

A Different Approach

Learning the Insight Paradigm and its implications makes it possible to see business challenges from entirely new perspectives. It frees individuals and teams from the constraints of their own thinking.

We teach clients about the unlimited power of insight and how to leverage that power in simple and practical ways to meet challenges.

Most consulting approaches address the details, content, history and structure of business and people problems. Focusing on problems in this way is less effective and often leads to complex solutions.

The Insight Paradigm offers a new way of understanding the human dimension and how it is effecting your business right now and what you can do about it.

Solving problems at the level of the root causes by taking into account the laws of nature behind the human experience is more efficient.

Approaching problems in this way leads to creatively engaged teams that enjoy generating impactful results.

Our Commitment

We are genuinely committed to you achieving the results you want. We choose our clients carefully, and once we do we are all in. We will support you until you are happy with the results, whatever it takes.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that the insights I had during the ClearMind program not only improved my relationships at work, they literally saved my marriage.

Understanding how the Insight Paradigm applies to relationships has given my wife and me the confidence that we can more gracefully solve problems as they come up. The same is true at work.”

High Tech Chief Financial Officer