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The Insight Paradigm - A Framework

Unleashing the invisible power of the mind in business

The Insight Paradigm

The Insight Paradigm is the logic behind the invisible power of the mind. This logic is comprised of three principles – mind, thought, and consciousness – that are innate in every human being.

Together, these principles form the core of the human operating system that governs our everyday experience. Understanding the underlying principles behind how this system works has a powerful impact on individuals and teams in business.

Regardless of the business you are in, the technology you are using or the challenges you face, the single most important variable for success, is understanding the Insight Paradigm.

Implications of the Insight Paradigm

As we’ve all experienced, working with people, with all their differences, can quickly become challenging and complex. Fortunately, despite our endless diversity as human beings, our minds all function exactly the same way.

With this in mind, there are many implications of the Insight Paradigm that can be observed in life. Here are a few.

  • New thought is always possible – Much of our thinking becomes captive to our own experiences. In other words, we are easily influenced by outside-in thinking. “We’ve always done it that way”, or “so and so is difficult to work with” are common refrains. In business this way of thinking hampers our ability to generate new ideas, gain new perspectives or achieve breakthough thinking.
  • Separate realities – Because our consciousness creates our personal reality, there is a high probability that what you see in a given situation is different from that of another person. Each of the people sitting around your conference table is literally living in a separate reality created by their personal thinking. The implications for business are self-evident as it relates to teamwork, defining a problem, or finding a solution.
  • Resilience – Resilience is our innate power to bounce back and keep going with renewed energy. At the core of this resilience are the three principles of mind, thought and consciousness. The power in resilience is knowing that no matter how bad it gets, our well being and confidence and ability to perform are not dependent on circumstances.  
  • Creative engagement – Creative engagement occurs when the common barriers to communication are removed. The result is a more open and engaging conversation not prejudiced by outside-in thinking where everyone is present in the moment. With the barriers removed, the conversation is more natural and free-flowing allowing new ideas to emerge.
  • Synergy – The synergy achieved by a team that is grounded in the Insight Paradigm can lead to transformational results simply because they understand how the mind works and know how to leverage its infinite possibilities.

“ClearMind Advisors has an uncanny ability to spot when and where problems are happening, or are likely to happen, and they’re downright gifted in helping people to see them, understand them, and organically develop a strategy in addressing them.”

Scott Converse, Entrepreneur & Former Apple Executive

In Appreciation…


We are deeply indebted to Sydney Banks who first articulated the principles behind the Insight Paradigm in 1973. His simple matter-of-fact approach made the principles understandable and accessible. This new paradigm is now being taught around the world with great impact. It is changing lives in prisons, schools, organizations and fortune 100 companies.

And it has had a huge impact on our personal and business lives as well as the businesses in which we have had the privilege to share this understanding.